Use Qjump innovations to help your business keep trading during COVID

Kerb-side order & delivery!
Got access to the car park out front?
Create your own temporary safe ordering drive through today!
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Sit, SNAP & Sip!

Accelerate your bar service
Battling to service your space with less staff?
Allow your customers to order their own drinks without the need to table staff invovlement!
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Order in to help out!
Got a venue with space but no kitchen?
Use Qjump to allow your customers to order food directly from local partners without leaving their seats!
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Snap & Collect Cards!
Branded Qr Cards for your customers to keep and order remotely next time they fancy a bite or sip!
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Kerb-side order & delivery!

  • Got access to parking spaces out front?
  • Create a ‘pop-up drive-thru’!
  • Create QR codes and attach to simple stands at each of your parking spots
  • Customers simply drive up, scan the code, select, order, pay…and then wait…
  • You deliver the products to their cars
  • SO EASY to implement with Qjump!

Sit, SNAP & Sip! Accelerate your bar service!

  • Got a bar and a kitchen?
  • We all know we could drink twice as much as we are served…if only the wait staff were faster!?
  • Use Qjump to manage your drinks ordering exclusively:
    • Customers order directly from the codes at the table…without waiting for a waiter
  • Drive your drinks consumption up by 50%!
    • Add a few more bar staff to keep up with demand!
  • Get your wait-staff delivering higher volumes of products

Order in to help out!

  • Got a bar / pub with no kitchen?
  • Help out your nearby dining establishments who are operating under reduced dining capacity
  • If you all sign up to Qjump, you can exchange QR codes to allow cross business ordering
  • Add your local pizza shop QR codes to your bar / pub tables
  • Your customers can order ‘take-in’ food from where they sit!
  • They will be alerted when their food is ready to collect or to be delivered to their table!
  • They stay longer at your tables – you generate more revenue!

SNAP & Collect!

  • Are you being hurt by 3rd party delivery charges?
  • Encourage your customers to collect themselves.
  • Print business cards with your QR codes and provide to your customers to keep…pop them into their goodie bag!
  • Next time they can order from their desk or couch…
  • An SMS is sent to them when the order is ready for collection.